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SuperNET is an association of the most reliable blockchain technologies
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Why use the SuperNET?

SuperNET enables anonymous, instant and non-centralized exchange between crypto currencies, it aims to protect traders from government surveillance and from getting hacked.

One wallet to control all your favorite coins

SuperNET's multicoin wallet lets you easily move your favorite coins and access and combine their features.

You can store your coins on SuperNET's non-centralized exchange, or move them to your personal wallet to best fit your needs.

SuperNET Client
SuperNET Client in Action

Non-centralized Technology

As third party clearing house between trades, the Multigateway stores coins on multisignature server clusters. Each server only has access to one of various keys and the servers must agree for withdrawals to occur.

Multigateway servers are spread in various jurisdictions around the globe and each is controlled by participating coin development teams, raising the security exponentially.

Users are encouraged to only use the Multigateway as a clearing house as they trade. Withdrawals to user controlled wallets after trades are completed are automated by default.


Real-time trading

InstantDEX will enable near real-time trading between cryptocurrencies. As well as regular trading, it will be used to trade anonymous telepods of different cryptocurrency funds when Teleport is fully operational.

InstantDEX GUI

Anonymous Trades

At SuperNET, we take privacy very seriously. BitcoinDark is at the heart of the SuperNET making sure that large scale surveillance attacks on blockchain finance are impractical and futile.

Unlike many of its contemporaries, BitcoinDark does not use coin mixing, and is determined to protect user IP association with trades. BitcoinDark will anonymize transactions through Teleport.

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